Saturday, March 29, 2008

I See He Sees by Chella Courington

An upward draft
catches Mama’s hem
at forty-first & twelfth
raising it in waves
around her knees & over her thighs
a pink-striped dress
dances like the awning
at Lida’s Cantina
when a man at the corner
clutching a boy’s hand
sees Mama naked
under her flying skirt
& I see he sees
wondering why
she doesn’t hold it down
& he sees me see him
before the light turns green

First Published in _Permafrost_ 28 (Summer 2006) under title of "Second Memory."


jsamlarose said...

MMm. Beautiful piece. Lovely movement from line to line - great control of breaks.

Irish-Kirsty said...

What wonderful imagery. I have missed reading/hearing your poetry.

Maria said...

A falling and rising quality,
mimics the Mother's skirts in tandem with the daughter's questions. A fine poem.