Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Miguel Gandert & "From Juarez"

One of my early poems, “From Juarez,” was based on a photograph by Miguel Gandert, a photographer who teaches at the University of New Mexico. Yesterday a dear friend who works there sent me Gandert’s University link that I include above.

(after a photograph by Miguel Gandert)

I'm Teresa Gutierrez. Look at me. Alive.
Not like my friend Cecilia Covarrubias. Shot
once in each breast and tossed in a field
where nothing grows.

The next day I ask my cousin to work
his magic. Tattoo the Blessed Mother.
Clothed with the stars and sun.
Spiked light down my back.

He lines and shades
week after week.
I flinch and turn away.
See our Lady of Guadalupe
rise out of my jeans.

Carry her with me.

To the maquiladora.
To dark streets after the second shift
crossroads where the bus stops.

Her mantle around me.

First Published in _Confluence_ (vol. 17, 2006), Ed. Wilma Acree


Brandon said...

That is powerful and sad.

Brandon said...

Hi Chella,
I was just thinking, could I possibly interview you for my blog? Let me know.


Sally said...

The love for Mary is the best of what I retain of my Catholic upbringing, so I appreciate the wish and need and gratitude for her watching over us. Thank you for the image.