Sunday, June 18, 2006

"Blackbirds" for My Father

This is a recent picture of my father and me taken during my visit in Alabama. Below is a poem written in his honor and published in the inaugural issue of _Poemeleon_, an online journal of poetry edited by Cati Porter. Click on the above title "Blackbirds" to visit _Poemeleon_.


Like a canopy of darkness
they shadow the ground for miles
on currents that lift them
back to their roosts.

Years later I ask my father
if he gathered us
to watch thousands
swoop down on trees
sit wing to wing
until morning branches cracked
under their weight.

At daybreak did they leave the oaks

He says we never saw them abandon the hollow
catch a new wind to an unharvested south

but often would pile into the car to see their return
black streaks on the upward drift
of a September afternoon.

Chella Courington
June 2006


chella said...

i love this picture of my dad & me along with the poem for father's day. ted & i had a lovely visit with him in june! chella

Michael Parker said...

very nice poem.

patricia salas said...

Doc that is a great picture of you and your father. You look like him.I'm glad you got to visit with him over the summer. I love the poem!
Patricia Salas