Saturday, September 03, 2005

honoring gulf coast evacuees: a poem by lucille clifton

the mississippi river empties into the gulf

and the gulf enters the sea and so forth,
none of them emptying anything,
all of them carrying yesterday
forever on their white tipped backs,
all of them dragging forward tomorrow.
it is the great circulation
of the earth's body, like the blood
of the gods, this river in which the past
is always flowing. every water
is the same water coming round.
everyday someone is standing on the edge
of this river, staring into time,
whispering mistakenly:
only here. only now.

lucille clifton
linked from Modern American Poetry:


Rebekah said...

I love Lucille Clifton.

You've been finding such great poems.

I want to see more of yours too.

Michael Parker said...

A great poem. I need to check out more Lucille Clifton. And thanks for the link Chelle.

Pris said...

Thanks for this post! These lines 'all of them carrying yesterday
forever on their white tipped backs,'...god, it's so beautifully and cruelly true I have to cry.