Thursday, June 23, 2005

salvation on sand mountain

finished. covington's book traces the writer's journey though an infatuation with the snake handlers to a new awareness of who he is. descriptions of the handlers are disturbing, while covington's language often captues the ecstasy of religion.
also read a short story entitled "snake handler" by catherine ryan hyde. quite charming! don't want to give away story. ah,
i'll post a poem from my chapbook, _southern girl gone wrong_. enjoy! respectfully, rhoda

The Picnic

When the heat hits 90,
Mama calls for a picnic
and heads for Double Bridges.

We pitch a quilt.

She kicks off her sandals.
A ballerina in flight,
she talks of infinite beaux.

They called her a knockout,
prettiest girl in Nashville.

"So little four eyes, know
why I’m stuck with your dad?"

The ending never changes.
She got knocked up.
I’m proof.

I wish the water would flood,
suck her back into ooze,
make her scream for me.

Then I’d toss her sandals
off the bridge and watch them
float downriver.

copyright cc

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Rebekah said...

Gosh C, I really love this one too. You write with such a unique voice, yet I can relate to it.

I've got to send more folk over your way.